Things to Know About a Skin Care Cream Containing Argireline for Anti-Aging Effects

High-quality skin care products like Jeunesse Instantly Ageless cream are known for fast, remarkable results. Applying this particular product to the skin can reduce the size of pores, the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes and bags under the eyes, and the signs of wrinkles on the forehead. It’s a possibility for individuals who like the effects of Botox injections when they see the rejuvenation improvements in other people’s skin, but are wary of getting these injections for themselves.

Effects to Expect

Although almost immediate results are seen with this product, the full effects typically appear after several minutes. On average, people see about 15 to 20 percent reduction in expression wrinkles. With regular use, new lines might not develop where the cream is applied because of the effects on the muscles under the skin. The face looks smoother in general.

Application of the Cream

Only a minimal amount needs to be applied each time. The product should only be used on clean, dry skin. Makeup can be added once the cream has dried. This skin care product can be applied more than once a day if needed. Consumers generally can expect the wrinkle reduction and pore tightening effects to last for up to nine hours.

The Argireline Peptide

People may wonder what ingredients are responsible for these noteworthy effects in the product by Jeunesse Global. The primary component is a peptide with the brand name Argireline. This ingredient has received a great deal of attention for its ability to make a person look younger quickly. The effects are not long-lasting without repeated applications of the cream, the way that results from Botox and professional facials are. Results also are not as dramatic. Nevertheless, they can be especially satisfying for a facial cream.

This peptide prevents muscles from contracting, which, in turn, prevents wrinkles from appearing in cases where facial movement creates those lines or makes them look more prominent. These are known as expression wrinkles or dynamic folds. The forehead and around the eyes are typical places where this happens. This particular product also includes a couple of additional ingredients for skin and pore tightening.


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